Electrovalva Irritrol Richdel 217B - 2"

Electrovalva Richdel 216B - 1 1/2"

Electrovalvă Richdel 217 B 2” FI/FI

Pret: 433.00 RON TVA inclus

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Diametru Filet2"

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Electrovalvă Richdel 217 B 2” FI/FI: debitul de apă maxim: 2” =600 l/min. Presiune de lucru recomandată: 0,8-10bari. Bobina este magnetică si functioneaza la : 24V, 50Hz. Timpul de deschidere la electrovalvă este de: max. 7 secunde. Timpul de închidere este de: max. 60 secunde. Construcţie puternică din PVC.
Posibilitate de racordare de 2” cu filet interior.

  • Globe/angle configuration (G/A)
  • Accepts Irritrol OmniReg pressure regulator
  • Female thread BSP 11/2" and 2" (NPT available on request)
  • Flow Control (FC)
  • Internal and external manual bleed
  • Heavy-duty, corrosion and UV resistant PVC construction with stainless steel bonnet screws
  • Screws accept phillips, flat-blade and hex driver tools
  • O-ring gasket on unused inlet cap guarantees hermetic seal and does not require Teflon
  • Reinforced top and base of body
  • Captive Solenoid (the plunger is retained in the solenoid)
  • Slow, anti water hammer closing
  • Double-beaded diaphragm provides leak-proof seal
  • Working pressure: 1,4 to 10 bar
  • Solenoid 24VAC 50Hz (24VAC 60Hz on request)
  • Inrush current, 0,34 Amp.
  • Holding current, 0,20 Amp.